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A Civil Construction Career…
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This video below provides a great overview of the different industry sectors…
What you will achieve in terms of skills and qualifications…

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These students graduated through the Civil Plant Operator programme and are succeeding in their new careers…

Heath Long… Enrolled in July 2013…

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Sent an email to us 9th January 2014…

Hey Gerry how are you and Kris doing?

Hope you and the boys didn’t have a hangover on the last day haha.

 Thought I’ll let you know how I’ve been going for the last three week. On the first day working at Fulton hogan i got chuck into a 20 tonne excavator which i was shitting myself. Because we only did a 12 tonne, but I picked up on how to operate on it pretty quick and I’ve been looking after it as if it was brand new (which it wasn’t) Couple of days later they handed to give me a 24 tonne which I took without hesitating been on that since, biggest one I’ve been on so far was a 33 tonne.HEATH2 150x150 Home

On my third week here I’ve started filling out pre-start meeting sheet writing down what the crew is doing for the day.

Learnt how to create bunds, installing stormwater along road, create a route for truck driver, locating service and more . And if your’e wondering yes I have made a few mistake while working here and trust me I have definitely learn from them.

 Been good so far working with a great bunch of people and am meeting heaps of people everyday.

Heath Long 

Grant Steel – “How r u Gerry, Grant here just catchin up…”

IMGA0657 300x227 HomeI have been busy up on the windfarm and now I’ve just completed Raglans BMX track and they r stoked.. am still learning and gettin more confident all the time. Thanks again m8 hope all is well. Text 10/11/2012

What Dean had to say about his new job.” Hi Gerry I’ve…

DEAN1 300x225 Home

been in Auckland since Feb this year working for Labour Hire Co. On Monday start new job with Dempsey Wood as a motor scraper operator. Been driving Moxys, operating diggers and all facets of civil construction. It took two years but now have the job I dreamed of. Thankyou Waikato Digger School. Dean.

“Nigel said… Hi Gerry, Just 2 let u no just…

NIGEL 300x227 Homesigned up on 3 years contract. To operate a 20 ton Digger 4 National Personel Ye Ha!!! Start on Wednesday next week – Text-24/10/12

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